Welcome to Black Love Boutique! At Black Love Boutique It's Not Just A Tshirt, It's A Mindset!

About Us

Black Love Boutique is a Lifestyle Brand celebrating all things about Black Culture and Black Love. Black Love Boutique sells clothing and accessories that inspire, uplift, educate and entertain. We are a 100% Black Owned company. 

Now, here's the backstory...

Growing up I hated to read. I admit it. I did. It wasn't until my elementary school teacher saw me returning her favorite book Super Fudge by Judy Blume- to the school library that I discovered my love of reading. My Teacher asked me how I liked the book, and I foolishly admitted to her that I hadn't read it. Now, why did I do that? Well, she made me check it back out and do a book report on it, of course. Needless to say that is where my passion for words began.

I parlayed that love into a 20+ year career in the book publishing industry working for one of the world's largest book publishing companies. Now I am so excited to use all of my knowledge about stories and words to launch my apparel business BlackLoveBoutique.com.

Those of you who know me well, know I have a real gift with words. And honestly, every time I would see a clever saying on a T-shirt, I would always think of how I could say it BETTER. After years of looking at other people's designs and redoing them in my head I said enough already! Just go make your own... And so that is why I am proud to announce BlackLoveBoutique.com It pairs my love of words, design, romance and celebrates black culture to keep it 100.

I hope you will agree that my designs uplift your spirit and make you feel bold and inspired. You can achieve whatever it is YOUR heart desires while looking fly in my designs. Now, it isn't all inspirational, I have plenty of fun designs too! I think I have something for every taste, something for you and bae and the kiddies.

I'd love for you to check out my designs and sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch. I'll be announcing new designs, sales, and sharing stories there. Please do browse the website and please let me know what you think after you sign up for the newsletter.

Just a word of caution! My designs are limited editions so if you see something you desire, buy it quickly. You never know when I will switch it out and throw it in the vault for something new. Can't wait to hear from you!







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